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Babies Typical Routine


Welcome and Breakfast for the early children.


All children arriving will split into cluster, key person groups and offer supported free flow play opportunities.


Follow the weekly planning sheet for the day's learning opportunities. Nappy change and some bottle-feeding will take place during this time. Encourage older children to help themselves to Snack Bar at approx 9.30am. The following opportunities will be available for the children to experience:

Water/Sand/Story-time/Painting/Outdoor Play/ Treasure
Baskets/Dancing/Singing/Floor Toys/Musical Toys
/Heuristic Play/Together Time with key persons etc.


Lunch Time-small sociable groups with staff sitting at the tables with the children. High chairs turned into small groups. (1 member of staff per group, to do the fetching & carrying) Tidy up afterwards.


Sleep time and quiet afternoon activity time.


Nappy change time and afternoon learning opportunity time. Follow the weekly planning sheets. Offer drinks of water regularly throughout the day. The following opportunities will be available for the children to experience:

Water/Sand/Story-time/Painting/Outdoor/Treasure Baskets/ Dancing Singing/Floor Toys/Musical Toys/Heuristic Play /Together Time with key persons etc


Tea Time-small groups again as at lunch time.


Evening playtime. (Tidy round)
Nappy change
Setting up the room for tomorrow


Late drink & snack, quiet time, stories, puzzles